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School: McGill University | School of Architecture

Class: ARCH 672 Architectural Design 1 | M1 Design Studio

Instructor: Joe Carter, He Hong Yu

Description: The Design of a Chinese Urban Neighborhood

Location: Beijing, China 

Date: 2014/15 Fall Semester

Team: Sunghun (Luke) Lee, Meiyi Chen, Caterina Villani

Promenade Beijing is an urban redevelopment project on a site outside the 2nd ring road in Beijing, China. The site is originally occupied by workers' temporary housing and recognized as urban informal settlement area. By respecting Chinese 'Hutong' idea, the project has been developed through the internal street network of the site. The urban spaces, including main plaza and courtyards, are themed to deliver diverse cultural and art-related amenities. The concept of the contour lines of rice terrace, superposed on the site, evokes the sense of natural landscape and would bring a significant spatial experience to the prospective residents. 

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