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LIVING with the PAST

School: McGill University | School of Architecture

Class: ARCH 406 Design and Construction 4 | Design Studio

Instructor: Ipek Türeli

Description: Future House Design Project | 2013 Murdoch Laing

Location: Saint-Henri, Montréal

Date: 2012/13 Winter Semester

The premise of this design studio project is a hypothetical assumption of the future catastrophic environment derived from the continuing deterioration of global warming. Living with the Past proposes future modular housing strategy in the form of floating houses in the flooded zone in the city and also suggests agricultural methodology on the rooftop area of the unoccupied, abandoned buildings. The prospective residents are the victimized residents of the area, due to the natural catastrophe, and the form of their housing and living would be as parasites to the old residential buildings. 

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